To perform a better service, GoSicily offers a car park consisting of modern blue cars of the best brands:

  • Representative sedans for up to 4 passengers (Mercedes ‎E-class)
  • Luxury sedans for your events and special days
  • MPV cars suitable for up to 8 passengers (V-class)

All cars are used for the NCC service, equipped with every comfort and extensive insurance coverage, to ensure maximum security for any destination, in Italy and abroad.

Our vehicles are equipped with:

  • Mobile phone
  • Telepass
  • Satellite navigator
  • POS device for payments on board by debit or credit card
  • Systems for the automatic acquisition of N.C.C. services
  • Wi-fi

Our car park is able to respond to the most complex mobility needs related to events or conferences, which may require the use of a large contingent of cars / station wagons/minivans.

Contact us for any request or information